Since my emergency angioplasty on May 13th, it’s the little things that remind me I have heart disease.  The familiar “oops, I forgot to take my pills this morning”  has become “DROP EVERYTHING AND TAKE MEDS!”   My return to yoga has been accompanied by a quiet disclaimer to teachers: “I’m not cleared to do cardio yet so I may need to take breaks at various points to keep my heart rate down.”

But the thing that’s really been getting to me is the bruising.

When they save your life by putting a stent in your heart, they have to put you on an anticoagulant which keeps the blood from clotting around your stent.  This is important because the clots would clog up the very artery that the stent is keeping open.  But one of the major side effects of my  anticoagulant, Effient, is that I develop big ugly bruises, with no clue as to their origin.

I’m constantly reminded of these bruises.  My husband will reach over to rub my arm and I’ll jump, realizing he’s touched a new sore spot.  I’m getting my legs waxed tomorrow but I’m nervous because of the tender blue cloud running down my left shin.  I can’t even get comfortable in bed because my usual resting positions puts pressure on surprise contusions.

I know, I know, bruising is nothing compared to a heart attack.  But it would be nice if I could garden, clean out under my bed, or sneeze without wondering where the next purple patch will show up on my body.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 6.13.24 PM